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"Ahavas Yisrael will bring the future Redemption"


About Mishpat Shalom

Mishpat Shalom is a mediation service for the Crown Height community. Our goal is to resolve every case with compromise (Pshara) rather than a strict ruling (Psak Din) for the benefit of all sides involved.

Every case is examined by a neutral panel consisting of Rabbonim, businessmen, counselors, and other professionals who will attempt to understand the case in depth and help the parties reach a satisfactory solution. All proceedings are under the auspices of the Beis Din of Crown Heights. 

We are sure that this will significantly Increase the Ahavas Israel within our community and bring us one step closer to the welcoming of Moshiach.


  • Mishpat Shalom is sponsored by Vaad Hakahal and staffed by volunteers. There is no charge for the service beyond a $50 registration fee per party that will help cover administrative  costs. You are welcome to give any additional donation through this website to assist with expanding the service and adding additional services.

  • Mediators will be assigned by Mishpat Shalom, according to the subject matter and availability, Parties may not request specific mediators, but any party that is uncomfortable with a mediator for any reason may request a substitue. Mediators are asked to affirm that they have no conflict of interest when assigned to a case.

  • Parties may agree to sign a arbitration agreement (Shtar Birurin) if they both agree, to turn the mediation into a binding arbitration.

  • In the event that the parties are unable to resolve the issue, the Mishpat Shalom panel with have a list of recommended Batei Din to help resolve the issue.

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